William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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Authors create stories that draw the reader in, by adding depth to their characters in ways that can be understood and used to piece together personal interpretations. This allows one to not only form a deeper connection with the characters, but to more easily see the story from their point of view. The writer can use their hold and ability to steer the characters in whichever direction to invoke a greater reaction from anyone who reads their creation. Depending on how the partaking persons are written, the reader may come to sympathize with, dislike, adore, or pity them. The way the characters are viewed affect how the story itself is viewed, as well. A story with bland, unlikable, one-dimensional characters is one most wouldn 't bother to read. The characters add to the enjoyability of the work they 're featured in and hold much significance to the quality of the text. For example, in Shakespeare 's play, Romeo and Juliet, one he is well renowned for, it is his characters and their traits that bring meaning to the story, from Romeo 's blurred perspective towards the concept of love, to Juliet 's naïveté and willingness to comply with Romeo 's, and her own, ignorance, to Paris ' dedication to Juliet, to even the head of the two households ' neglect and lack of proper attention to their children, which resulted in the broken, distrustful relationships between them. The characters in the play change in accordance with what happens and their feelings at the time. Romeo falls
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