William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Society loves putting people into a box and pre-determining their destinies based on background, race, and other damaging stereotypes; this confines people to their understanding of what they are worth and how much they will get out of life with that worth. Patriarchal societies are typically all that we see in modern day, and when looking at a patriarchal society, normally, men are the providers while women are the nurturers. It is believed that a woman’s place is in the house to mother the children and to take care of the house, and men are expected to be the bread-winner. For most of recorded history, these assumptive roles were filled by men and women who did not know better. However, as times have progressed, people are challenging these roles; yes, there are women that are innately nurturing and men that are innately protective, but there are also people in this world who want more out of life than what they are expected to do. Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet grew up in a society where it was not normal to fight against the standards for women. She is a young girl that plays into the idea of love, marriage, and being a wife in the aristocratic world of Renaissance Verona, and the relationship between Romeo and Juliet has come to represent this idea of true love and sacrifice. And for centuries, Juliet has been played into this young, naïve girl who is swept off her feet by some guy at a party. The audience and popular culture have forgotten that both Romeo

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