William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream and L. Frank Baum's The Wizard Of Oz

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William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream and L. Frank Baum's The Wizard Of Oz

L. Frank Baum is the author of one of the most magical fairy tales ever brought to our screens. A series of books were written and in 1939 created into a film. It was a masterpiece that was to be one of the biggest films ever made, enjoyed by children and adults all over the world. There are many reasons why this film has the element of magic, one of the reasons I found when researching was that this film did not only have one director, but several, Victor Fleming was the main director but for personal reasons other directors were bought in, Richard Thorpe and King Vidor. With the three imaginations of these …show more content…

As I said the book isn't a book read by younger children, but when like The Wizard Of Oz it was brought to the big screen, a world of magic and fairies was open for children to jump in and dream. In the play, the worlds of the mythological Greece, Elizabethan England, and the fairy kingdom are united. In another writer's hands, the transition from Theseus' Greek empire to the fairy forest would seem jarring, but time and again audiences have willingly suspended their disbelief to follow Hermia and Lysander, Oberon and Puck, Titania and Bottom on a journey through the pitfalls of love, the power of magic, and the miracle of dreams.

Although there are no fairies in The Wizard Of Oz, we desperately wanted an air of magic throughout, we decided to do this through the use of music, this is done in both films, (The Wizard of Oz and A Midsummer night's dream)

In The Wizard of Oz it is done through the characters singing, in A Midsummer Night's dream its done through mystical music, we had each character singing, as a way of introducing ourselves to the children; after all not EVERYONE has seen the play before, this was a hard assumption to live by, as everyone seems to know the theme of The Wizard of Oz, a little girl dreams up a fantasy world, where dreams really do come

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