William Shakespeare's Influence On The Modern Culture

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In 1814, Thomas Carlyle described William Shakespeare as the “strongest of rallying-signs; indestructible” who would be fancied “as radiant aloft over all Nations of Englishmen, thousand years hence,” which has remained true today (Mabillard). William Shakespeare is a historical figure whose life has remained a mystery, and yet is still considered to be the greatest writer and dramatist of all time. All of his works are widely revered, some of which include the famous Hamlet, A Midsummer’s Night Dream and Romeo and Juliet (“Shakespeare, William”). Despite it being over 400 years since their creation, this literature has stood the test of time and continues to be analyzed and performed today in both classroom and recreational settings. This relevancy of his works for so long has, in turn, made Shakespeare one of the most influential writers on the modern day culture. Shakespeare and his literary works have had a considerable impact in regards to the pop culture of today, notably in movies, and on the words that are used in the English language, such as those that describe emotions and everyday phrases. The objects and ideas of the modern world have been influenced by centuries’ old teachings and thinkings. William Shakespeare is one of the most influential figures from those times that is still an influence today, particularly in films such as West Side Story. Shakespeare has been a major influence to the films in the modern culture since “[t]he stories that he tells are
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