William Wordsworth's The World Is Too Much With Us

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Completely unaware? Do you notice the things that surrounds us, and the life that lives within us? Care to much or not at all?, want it all? Or have you no love within your heart. Do you dream? Or create? Do you see the nature all around us? Those were many of the thoughts and questions that ran through my head when reading the poem “The World Is Too Much With Us”, by William Wordsworth. Throughout the story there were three messages that stood out the most in Wordsworth's poem, which involve love, the power to not care and be greedy, and creation within the mind.

In the poem the writing can be taken and understood many different ways, but one thing that stood out to me was the message of love. Now not necessarily love for one another but love for nature was expressed throughout the poem through various ways. “We have given our hearts away, a Sordid boon!” (Wordsworth, Line, 5). What William was trying to explain in just that line was we would give our hearts away to nature at any point, because it's the love for the way that nature is and all its beauty and peace. It can so easily capture our hearts to love nature and all it has to offer. Furthermore, Wordsworth, talks a lot and describes a lot about what nature does. For instance. He talks about how the sea is at night time, how the wind has a sort of howl to it, and that also really shows the love for nature that is expressed in this poem. And even the love that the narrator has for nature and its beauty.

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