Essay about Williams's Use of Symbolic Reference in The Glass Menagerie

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Williams's Use of Symbolic Reference in The Glass Menagerie Tennessee William's wrote "The Glass Menagerie" basing it on himself and his life, although not always in detail. Tennessee's life was not one of perfection. It had a lot of downs causing the play to be a very sentimental, dimly lighted and emotionally play. Although this play has a very basic story line Tennessee use of symbolism crates a much more meaningful story of the Wingfild family. Symbolism is used in almost every object, character and in the language used throughout the play. There are not very many props used on stage, apart from basic necessary props such as the settee and table. Other props are much more significant to …show more content…

She quit her one means of socialising, her business course at collage because she was that nervous that she sick. We can see that she is very shy person; she makes a little fantasy world with her glass animals. Laura is also symbolised by the name "Blue Roses". Jim calls her this name; the gentleman caller who has comes over to the apartment for dinner. Jim also went to the same high school as Laura. This is were the name came about:" Aw, yes I've placed you now! I used to call you Blue Roses…" . Jim once asked Laura why she had not attended school for a few days, when she replied 'Pleurosis' Jim misheard and from then on he called her Blue Roses. Blue Roses is a very symbolic phrase, it describes Laura's character very well, because roses are not blue, therefore it shows that it is a special and unique rose. This is how Laura is, she is also special and unique, because she has a minor physical defect, one of her legs is shorter than the other. Laura also has a very exceptional character, we can see this from what Jim tells her: "…other people are not such wonderful people. They're one hundred times one thousand. You're one times one! They walk all over the earth. You just stay here. They're common as-weed, but- you-well, you're- Blue Roses!". Laura and Tom were abandoned by their father and

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