Willie Smith: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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Hey I'm Henry Smith my parents died 6 years ago when I was 10. Willie Jones took me in when I was 13. Willie has 2 boys Andrew and Jack. They both get along very well, they see me as an older brother. It's been a crazy 3 years but then 5 weeks ago My life changed. Willie told me that we would be going on the Oregon trail he said he wanted me to start a new life... A life on my own. I was pretty scared because I didn't want to leave my best friend Thomas he's another orphan and sometimes he likes to sleep at Willies. Willie said that we'd be leaving in 7 weeks. We have been preparing very generously these past 4-5 weeks. I didn't know how much stuff Willie had until I saw everything. He had things from First Aid to a Spare Yoke for our oxen. Willie wanted to have me prep the…show more content…
From home I am taking my Bible, extra set of clothes, bacon 25lbs, Jar of axel grease, harmonica, matches, rifle, 2 packets of bullets (40 bullets). I got to independence by riding on a flat boat it was fun but scary at times. We decided to take a cones toga because Willie already had 1. While I was crossing the river to get to the independence I discovered many new animals it went from a border collie to a bear there were so many I don't know what to do with my life. I had to abandon my best friend Tommy he was scared of water so we had to leave him. Willie Jones knew some people so that's how we found a wagontrain to join. Joe King was our train later he's very smart and strong willed I think Wheely would be a better leader just because I know him better I like how we have to feed her animals so they survive because I think it's really important that they get their food I think one of the rules I should be change if we have to travel in the same light every day like let's say that it was joking then Bailey then Willy we would have to stay like that everyday. We decided to take a Horse because oxen are slow and we got two
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