Winston Churchill: A Brief Biography Essay

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Winston Churchill was one of the most important and influential people in British history. Churchill became one of the greatest wartime leaders by creating his first naval army in 1911 to help with WWI efforts, gave moving speeches to rally the British people during bombings in WWII, and eventually won WWII with the aid of his good friend president Franklin Roosevelt. Churchill’s greatness began from a childhood that is not typical of a great leader. His parents, Lord Randolph Churchill and an American Jennie Jerome, didn’t care a great deal about him ( So as a child, he became close to his little brother. Churchill did not always get good grades, and was frequently reminded by his father about them…show more content…
He lead his country and they stayed strong and won the Battle of Britain ( The Battle of Britain was the first air battle and prevented Germany from advancing into Britain, and was the air battle ( After that, Great Britain and the allies started to push back and eventually won the war with the help of Churchill. Although his time as Prime minister was the most famous of his actions, he also delivered the “Iron Curtain,” speech to the United States in 1946 warning the United States about the Soviet Union expansion of small countries that border the Soviet Union, and spread of Communism, which ultimately ended up in the Cold War ( Later in his life, he won many honorable achievements such as winning the Nobel Prize in Literature two times, being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, and was the first person to become an honorary United States Citizen (www.historylearningsite). Churchill’s greatness started before WWII. Directly before WWI, Churchill became the First Lord of the Admiralty in 1911. He was told to make Britain a strong naval force. This was his chance to do what he was had interest in from for all of his life. He “aggressively expanded and modernized the fleet.” ( His success in the war was not the greatest and the defeats became a life lesson that would send him in the right path to leading Great Britain in

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