Winter Hibiscus Thesis

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"When they come back... then I will take that test again." In the story, "Winter Hibiscus" by Mingfong Ho, Saeng, a teenage girl that has moved from another country to the United States, decides to get her driver’s license so she can drive her family around. Things then start to go wrong and she fails her test, but by the end of the story, she vows to take it again in the spring. In the last a paragraph of the story she states "When they come back, Saeng vowed silently to herself, in the spring, when the snows melt and the geese return and this hibiscus is budding, then I will take that test again." The author was trying to get us to think what the last part of the story means. Mingfong Ho could mean that Saeng is going to take her test again in the Spring, she will be prepared for her test by Spring, or She will get used to life in America by spring. The most simple and realistic thing the author could have meant for the last paragraph is she will simply take her test in the spring. She had just failed her driver’s test, did not hang out with a David and had spent her mother’s twenty dollars out of confusion or frustration. And towards the end of the story, she sees a flock of geese flying in …show more content…

It would be hard when you're not used to our culture and have to take a test and talk to someone when you don't know how. (Evidence). The author was trying to make us think that Saeng will change and be accustomed to most of the American realities by Spring that she once thought was weird. At the end of the story Saeng thought "Overhead, a flock of Canada geese flew by, their faint honks clear and - yes - familiar to Saeng now." She once was not familiar to geese but now she is and slowly by spring more things in America will become more familiar to her." And once her family is more familiar Saeng will take her driver’s test and pass it no

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