Wirrawee Town

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The story is set in a remote community named Wirrawee in a 21 century context. This is stated through out the book. “Lee lived in town, like Fi. "Lee and Fi, from Wirrawee" we used to sing.”(Ch 1. P15) This Town is rural and right next to a formidable mountain range. The author describes the town and its surroundings with in the book with: “Way in the distance you got glimpses of the rich farmland of the Wirrawee district, dotted with houses and clumps of trees, the lazy Wirrawee river curving slowly through it. And on the other side was Hell” (Ch 2. P19) Wirrawee is a country town with many farms surrounding it. It is a small tight night community who live directly next to a large mountain range which is quite mysterious and majestic. The
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