A Modest Proposal Essay

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Crime occurring on campus at The Ohio State University is taken extremely seriously by faculty, students, and parents alike. It is a sensitive issue with numerous different opinions on how it should be handled. Some people believe in knowing as much specific information as possible about the crime and suspect, while others believe the release of this information will just lead to witch hunts and may negatively affect some students due to a multitude of reasons including ethnicity, background, or race. My plan is to discuss these two points of view and some psychological evidence that supports both beliefs. The police releasing more specific information about the crime and suspect has distinct benefits. This would help the students be able to keep an eye out for the suspect and potentially aid in their arrest, but also so that the students can take precaution and protect themselves. One psychological reason behind why more information should be released is stress. A crime happening near a student may be a significant stressor to them. A stressor is, “A stimulus that serves as a source of …show more content…

This can hurt the potential suspect, impact the police’s investigation, and can even hurt students not involved in the crime at all. The main issue would be the undeniable prejudice people would have and face if this information was released. Prejudice means, “A prejudgment, usually negative, of another person on the basis of membership in a group,” (Textbook, pg 505). People might believe that if this crime was committed by someone of a certain race then the stereotypes surrounding that race must be true, which leads to discrimination (Textbook, pg 505). This not only hurts The Ohio State University but also all those who are discriminated against due to their race, even if they had nothing to do with the crime at hand. The specificity of the report could just lead to the continuous perpetration of

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