Witch of Blackbird Pond Summary Essay

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After her grandfather’s death in 1687, 16 year-old Kit feels that she must leave and sail to the only relatives she knows of, her uncle and aunt in Wethersfield, Connecticut. She desperately travels there on a ship called the Dolphin, where she meets a gentleman named Nat. She and Nat have a very playful relationship, Nat always has a mocking grin on his face and Kit occasionally flirts with him on the boat. When she arrives in Wethersfield, Connecticut, she is taken by surprise at the dull landscape and endless fields. Kit meets her uncle, a strict and sometimes grumpy man named Matthew Wood, her aunt, a sweet and caring woman named Rachel, her cousin Judith, a picky and vain young lady who’s otherwise kind, and her other cousin Mercy, a …show more content…

Soon, Kit also learns that Nat is also a friend of Hannah who keeps her company, helps her out, and brings her souvenirs from his voyages. Matthew ends up finding out that Kit has been visiting the ‘witch’. He forbids her from visiting Hannah again. Things go on like this for awhile, with Kit teaching Prudence, Nat visiting Hannah, the usual. Then, Judith and Mercy fall ill along with most of the other young people of Wethersfield. An angry mob led by Prudence’s parents shows up at the Wood household and says that Hannah has been causing the fevers that struck the town. Kit was very worried about Hannah so she pretends to go to bed, but goes to Hannah’s house instead. By the time she had gotten there, the angry mob had already arrived at Hannah’s cottage. Kit quickly runs into Hannah’s house and grabs Hannah, Hannah comes but soon remembers about her kitten. She goes back to get her kitten and Kit has no choice but to let her. Soon, Kit and Hannah make it to the Dolphin and Hannah is safe. A few days after, another mob arrives at the Wood household demanding that Kit is a witch because Goodwife Cruff (Prudence’s mom) had found the hornbook with Kit’s name on it and sheets of paper with Prudence’s name written on them. Uncle Matthew is the only one who defends Kit - William doesn’t even show up - but luckily at the last moment, Nat rushes in with Prudence who tells everyone that Kit was just

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