Witchcraft : The Supernatural Powers Of Witches Essay

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Witchcraft can be seen anywhere in today’s modern society, including movies, books, TV shows, fairy tales, poems, plays, and several other places and each of these examples show the evil of a witch. Belief in witchcraft has gone all the way back to the 400’s when St. Augustine told his people that there was no way for witches to live in God’s world and have supernatural powers, but soon people started to believe in the mystical powers of witches. These beliefs began to turn into fear and accusations, blaming witchcraft for all the bad that had been happening during this time, such as diseases, infertility, crops dying, and many more. The court of this time would execute or torture almost any person that had been accused of witchcraft. Salem, Massachusetts is a spectacle that has left a considerable mark upon the world due to witchcraft. This town holds great stories and gruesome deaths that many have been taught through school. The story that this town holds goes all the way back to the sixteen hundreds when many residents of Salem were considered to be strict Puritans which is known as a group of Protestants that sought to simplify and highly regulate forms of worship. Salem is well-known for the witchcraft trials that had taken place in this town due to young girls claiming that they had been hexed by a witch in their community. Many of the people of Salem grew extremely suspicious of others because of these accusations that were made by the preacher’s daughter and niece.

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