With So Much That Has Transpired Recently Involving Law

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With so much that has transpired recently involving law enforcement and the citizens that they are sworn to protect and serve. There are many questions along with different controversial views on the roles of policing. The roles of policing are a very complex and at times can become very controversial depending on the laws and different induvial ways of thinking. In this paper, I will attempt to point out and discuss several roles of policing. Before talking about anything first, the understanding and clarity to what policing really means. By tradition, most people think of police usually as having the responsibility to responding to crimes after it has already taken place and, therefore are organized to support regular patrols, be speedy …show more content…

They may have to take a person into custody even though they agree with the person but, they broke the law. He also said that if a person does not agree with a particular law there are steps citizens can take to making changes to the law. I find this also as a role of policing because the police officer must always put the law first with the concept they are trying to make the community safe and free from those that break the law.
Mr. Flemings put many things into perspective for the class some of the things could be undisputable and somethings problematic. The responsibility and weight of preventing crimes, upholding civil order has fallen solely on the shoulders of the policemen in society. At the start of policing this was not the intensions of how policing should be carried out. The weight was meant to be placed on every citizen. Having the obligation to intervene when witnessing a law being broken. Upholding personal freedoms and the trust needed to support our communities depends on everyone. Being able to interact freely with no fear of violence, and as members of the community, we are morally bound to preserve peace and unity.
Having our law enforcement officers in each community is one of the main reason why there is order and constant harmony. The safety within the police persons’ patrol area, the enforcement of the law and crime prevention are the basics of the police roles.

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