With Tuition Costs at an all Time High, Is College Really Worth It?

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Since infancy, parents are always encouraging their children to go to college and become a professional. But in this new age economic crisis, is college really worth it? Tuition costs are rising to a criminally high price have everyone arguing. Is college really a good investment? Well in a very short way, Yes it is. An investment that makes you 500,000 to a million dollar lifetime payout is uncomparable. In the end, today an average college graduate will make far more over the course of his or her life than the average high-school graduate who doesn't attend college. This in itself should be enough, but there's also a priceless benefit of college. Going to college has been proven to give overall higher life satisfaction. This is why …show more content…

This far out pays its upfront price which can be around 40-150k. In the end you will make more money and the investment will make sense.We know college is far overpriced and not for everyone but if you're dedicated and get accepted to a decent college, why not make the investment and go ? A degree is something you can never loose in a gamble or bad investment, it stays forever.
It has been proved that higher education can also lead to a higher sense of satisfaction to one's health. In the article “Priceless: The Nonpecuniary Benefits of Schooling” It is explained how the lifestyle and outcome of a person with more than 16 years of schooling will lead a more satisfied life. Non pecuniary means the benefits that have nothing to do with money, something thats priceless.

In this article many examples are made when it comes to priceless benefits, and are going to explain a few. Health is a very big one, it surprised me and assured me i was correct. people that never even graduated high school 20 percent have very good health, finishing high school gives you a 10 percent bump, in the end going to highschool and even more have a 50 percent chance of having a very good health. This in itself is an enormous discovery, if going to school helps people health to over 50 percent, thats priceless.
Another priceless advantage of going to college overall life satisfaction. This is a very deep topic in which personal

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