Within The First Discussions With Dr. Gerald Blechman,

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Within the first discussions with Dr. Gerald Blechman, I was questioned on the subject of the weekend overnight visitations, to which I responded “they started well”. In my explanation, I included the defense of certain difficult aspects that could be attributed to a new schedule and living environment, a limited set of time that encouraged for there to be less individual time, and other factors that were unavoidable and eventually worked through. Secondarily, I commented that the visitations had all been perfectly free of almost any inappropriate behavior until the most recent, and that not all instances of visitation were “terrible”, as I had described certain inappropriate moments. With these points made, I mentioned the justified …show more content…

He also proceeded to ignore other defenses of my person or additives to the shared perspective of my mother; for example, when my mother stated that I had refused to contact my maternal grandfather during his unfortunate hospital recovery due to a stroke, when I tried to mention that (despite my askance both on the Tuesday visit and on the following phone call that Wednesday) that I had not been able to receive either any time to call or a phone number to call, my protest was overrun by my mother and appeared to have been completely ignored by him. During the conversation, in the presence of Dr. Blechman, my mother denominated me as (not limited to these) “very cruel”, “mean”, “aggressive”, “manipulative”, “not accepting of her love” or unloving, “very anguished”, “constantly angry/emotional/hormonal”, “with lots of baggage”, “a liar”, and stated that I had mentioned her inappropriate comments during the overnight visitation because I was power seeking and desired “to be above her”. When discussing the arguments over the weekend visit, she stated there had only been one on a Saturday night for 15 minutes, and that I had violently “shouted/screamed at her angrily while she sat there”. This was reasoned by my mother as being because I enjoyed “taking my anger out on her”. Furthermore, my mother stated that every argument or inappropriate action was my own fault, and that I made her

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