Within The World Of Sociology There Are Sociological Paradigms

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Within the world of sociology there are sociological paradigms that can be applied to human’s perception of the world. The three major sociological paradigms are functional, conflict and symbolic interactionism each playing key different roles when dealing with social issues. These paradigms exist in order to have a basic understanding of how society functions, the role of sociology, and how different things affect social life. Social paradigms have the ability to impact social issues if they are used together in a way that allows them to work at a balance. The functional paradigm consists of different elements of society joining together to create one stable social unit (Colomy, 2013, p.33). In order to maintain stability within …show more content…

People within society are not seen as equal, there are people who are more privilege and others who will never get ahead (Colomy, 2013, p.37). The conflict paradigm differs from the functional paradigm because it can better explain social change within society, however it is not reliant when explaining social stability (Freeman, 2017, lecture 1). The conflict paradigm poses strengths along with weaknesses. Strengths of the conflict paradigm are that it recognizes the power struggles that occur within society and it acknowledges and challenges unequal power among individuals (Freeman, 2017, lecture 1). The weaknesses that conflict poses are the fact it assumes inequality and that it is hard to apply to interactions (Freeman, 2017, lecture 1). The major benefit society gains from this paradigm is its ability to promote social change. This paradigm is important in Chambliss’s piece on what excellence is and what it takes to be successful. Not everyone has the ability to achieve excellence however if individuals have accesses to the proper resources their achievements are more likely to be pursued (Chambliss, 1989, 72). Competition allows for people to struggle achieving excellence, which creates diversity within the world. In addition, Adler and Adler’s piece on cliques also relates to conflict. Cliques are famously known for the power struggle of social status and

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