Wizard Of OZ

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This book is a feel good story called The Wonderful Wizard of OZ written by L. Frank Baum. The story starts and ends in Kansas but the majority of the story takes place in the land of OZ. The time period of the book is irrelevant. Dorothy is a girl who used to live in Kansas and her house got carried away to a mystical land and she needs to get to the wizard to get her back home. Toto is Dorothy’s beloved dog who she takes everywhere. Scarecrow is the first friend she encounters along the way to the wizard. On her way she also meets the ‘Tin Man’, and the ‘Cowardly Lion’. Synopsis: Dorothy lived in a small house in Kansas with her dog Toto, Uncle Henry, and Aunt Em. One day a horrible and dangerous cyclone came across the prairie. Her …show more content…

While she was walking on the path she encountered a scarecrow. She took him off his pole for he was hung on a pole to scare birds. He said he did not have a brain therefore he asked if he could come with her to find the Wizard. She agreed to him coming and the companions set off on their journey. They continued their walk and found the ‘Tin Woodman’ who had been rusted while cutting down a tree. He joined them wanting to get a heart. Then they met the ‘Cowardly Lion’ who wanted to be the real ‘King of the Jungle’ so the five companions resumed their journey (Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tinman, and the Cowardly …show more content…

But the Lion had the travelers get on his back and jumped across the ditch. Then they faced a field of deadly poppies(a plant that makes you fall asleep). Dorothy and Toto and the Lion fell into a very deep sleep. Since the scarecrow and the ‘Tin Woodman’ didn’t have human features they carried Dorothy and her dog out of the field. The Lion was too heavy so they got help from thousands of field mice . When they finally got to emerald city they had to wear goggles (‘Green Spectacles’) because the city was too bright otherwise they would go blind. They wanted to see Oz but they learned that he only visits you on separate days. They all encountered different forms of Oz, so that all of them were scared of him. They were all told that they had to kill the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’. They all thought they were incapable of killing her but they set off on their journey . Their journey was hard because the Wicked Witch knew they were coming. So she set troubles on their way but they were able to overcome her. Then she sent the baboons that were bound to a golden cap that the witch had. The owner of the cap could put in on and ask for three favors. The witch asked for the baboons to kill all of the companions. They pretty much killed the scarecrow and the Tinman. They could not lay a hand on Dorothy since she had a seal of protection from the Witch of the North, so they made her work in the kitchen.

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