Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : A Prominent Musical Genius

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: A Prominent Musical Genius

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian composer of the classical period. He was born in 1756. In 1782, he married Constanze Weber and had six children—four of which passed away when they were infants (Grout, 540). One of their two other sons that lived followed his legacy of becoming a composer (Grout, 540). Mozart’s father was both a composer and a violinist, who began training him and his sister Nannerl musically at a very young age and took them on tours to demonstrate their talents (Hanning, 354). Mozart was a prodigy. It has been said that at the age of three, he had already been recognized to have perfect pitch and at the age of six he began composing (Hanning, 354). He was a virtuoso on the keyboard and prominent violinist (Grout, 540). Without a doubt, he was a master in music. In 1791, at the young age of 35 Mozart passed away (Hanning, 354). Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a renowned composer of the classical period. This prominent musical genius still impacts the world of music today in a significant way. His years of touring allowed him to explore many places in Europe as well as the music of those places (Taruskin, 439). Mozart’s experience of touring as a young prodigy allowed him to express the inner majesty of music. Through his compositions and performances, Mozart was able to depict the variety of moods and exposures within music in an effortless manner (Grout, 539). This depiction allowed Mozart to

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