Woman With A Mirror Essay

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As we have continued our reading and our research, I am beginning to feel that there must have been more to the Renaissance than the hand of the artist. It is to say that the Renaissance artists were trying to disconnect themselves from the idea that they were the blue-collar laborers of the time, so painting skill alone would have sent the wrong message. There was an emphasis that they needed and wanted to show that intellect as well. That leads us to the idea that there had to me more in the methodology in the progressing pieces that were composed. Mythology states that the eye is the doorway to the mind and time. The old axiom states that eyes are the gateway to the soul. Again we see artists emphasizing both their hand and eye! While doing that they then were showing their intellect in their craft. When starting to look at the focus of what Pardo’s analysis of style she does make an interesting argument for the question of where, then, is the eye of intellect? We are behind the artist’s eye, on the inside of the artist's mind where the man prepares to "paint." Let’s take a specific look at Titian’s Woman with a Mirror. If we were to consider this literally, there is not much to say about Titian’s Woman with a Mirror other than to comment on vanity. It has been noted, reported, and even researched that this is one of the main…show more content…
Each of Titian's reclining Venuses represent a nude "painting" within the painting as demonstrated in Venus with an Organist. In this painting there is this musician that can be seen playing a tune to Venus. There has been some discussion that the musician represents the artist metaphorically "painting" the nude by performing his music. This has a direct connection to the idea of the arts being in all art and would continue the “intellect” conversation that I noted in the first
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