Women And Children Are The Primary Targets Of Human Trafficking

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Thesis: In Vietnam, women and children are the primary targets of human trafficking through the use of deceitful measures which leaves them especially vulnerable. As global citizens, we should be actively involved in international measures in order to combat this severe violation of human rights. BODY PARAGRAPH 1 – WHAT IS THE ISSUE? Vietnam has a high rate of human trafficking where women and children are most likely subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor within the country and across the globe. Victims of these crimes are collected through deceptive measures, such as false advertising or promises of a better life. Individuals who face poverty, women, children, and those with disabilities are the primary targets for …show more content…

However, it is unfair to jump to this conclusion because their desperation is the main factor that causes them to accept a traffickers’ offer. If people are financially desperate and require money in order to sustain their living conditions or treat an illness, they will resort to desperate measures in order to have their needs met. (Book) Hence, they are not the one to blame for the abuse of trust and vulnerability that another has wrongly taken advantage of. Therefore, human trafficking is often disguised as measures to help vulnerable individuals, however, it is a fraudulent scam that is equivalent of stripping away one’s basic human rights and should be appropriately punished by law. BODY PARAGRAPH 2 – WHY SHOULD WE CARE? Now you may ask, if I don’t live in Vietnam or have family or friends from that country, why should I care about human trafficking that happens there? Well, other than having basic human decency and empathy, just because these crimes take place in Vietnam does not mean it stays in there. Human trafficking is a global issue, and to put it into perspective, it occurs in more than 161 countries. (Book) To put it simply, it can happen to anyone, including you and me. Vietnam’s human trafficking particularly needs precedence because victims often do not have legal resources to ask for help,

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