Women And Girls Should Have Power Over Their Own Bodies

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“All women and girls should have power over their own bodies and the right to decide whether and when to have children. Reproductive health is about safe pregnancy and childbirth, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, and family planning and access to contraception.” This is the UN definition of reproductive rights, and is created based on UN’s Millennium Development Goals. The goals as well as this explanation are something all nations should thrive towards. I will take a look at Norway, and how the situation regarding reproductive capacities, as well as reproductive rights, as this goes hand in hand. There is two reasons I am looking at Norway, one being that I am myself from Norway, and can on some level speak based on my own experience. The main reason however is that Norway has many times, and by many different surveys, been rated the best country in the world to live in , and can therefore be seen as a primary example on reproductive rights. I will take a look at the different policies put in place in Norway, as well, as the tittle states what claims partners, family and the Norwegian state have regarding reproductive capacities.
First of a brief run-through of the Norwegian family life. The period after World War II (1940-1945) and until the end of the 60s are often called the "housewife 's prime." The mother was home with the children while the father worked outside the home. Beyond 70’s there was great demand for labour and it was more common

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