Women Are Not Born But Made

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Women are not born but made. Nowadays we celebrate women’s day but there are many situations we had come through to this position and space Punjabi women occupy nowadays, and comparing it to the times 60 years ago. The age of my grandmother. When the country had just got independence. When the women are participating in nationalist movements were being pushed into the domestic household works.

There have been innumerable debates about gender in (Banerjee 2012) Punjab over last 60 years. Most of them were about women’s positions in society, their education, health, economic status, gender equality. What we can conclude from these discussions is that how women have always held a certain contradictory position in our developing country in past years. In recent years women held a very less respectful position . they were not treated as human.On other hand, Punjab has an increased percentage of literacy among women . now women are allowed to enter into professional fields now. However, in the 1950s my grandmother tells women were just made to do household chores. They were not allowed to get higher education or even go out without the permission of parents. They were supposed to be at home . while on the other hand the practices of female foeticide, poor health conditions and lack of education persisting still continue. Even the supportive ideology of the home being women’s real domain and marriage being her ultimate destiny has not changed much in last 60 years.

When our

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