Women Breastfeed In Public Analysis

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Society Instilling Values For The Improvement of Generations to Come
The African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” means the upbringing of a child is a community effort, rather than the parents’ responsibility. Growing up, I was taught to have respect for the elderly and treat them like my own parents. They would discipline me and treat me like their own child. If I did something wrong, they would tell my parents so they could scold me. Kids don’t get to spend quality time with their parents these days, since we are at school most of the time or doing homework. That’s why I believe children are both the responsibility of parents as well as their community, and a well-cared-for child correlates to a better society.
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Breastfeeding might be considered the next worst thing you could do after procreation, not realizing it is a natural biological aspect of life. People regard breastfeeding in public as inappropriate and believe that women want to breastfeed in public, so they can exhibit their breasts on purpose. In the video “4 Reasons Women Should NEVER Breastfeed in Public,” Kristina Kuzmic sarcastically talks about the reasons why women should never breastfeed in public. “We’re moms, we don’t need to go out in public. We gave up that right when we decided to start popping out babies. We don’t need to go shopping or eat out or have a social life.” This shows how much we still need to progress in our understanding of breastfeeding and its importance for both mother and child. In the article “Why I’m Glad Someone Told Me To Stop Breastfeeding In Public”, Amber Hinds emphasizes the importance of breastfeeding. “Breastfeeding is best for the baby; it is best for the mother; it’s best for the family, best for employers, best for the community and best for the environment” (18). Breastfeeding not only has benefits for the mother and baby, since it can help create an emotional connection, it also helps those around them see that breasts should not be sexualized. Breastfeeding is natural and if women are shamed for breastfeeding in public, it’s unlikely that they will continue doing

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