Should Mothers Be Allowed To Breastfeed In Public

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Cut Moms some Slack Mothers not being able to breastfeed in public? That’s absurd. Just this year a huge controversial took action with a whole lot of famous people. As a man, this issue does not directly affect me, and it would be easy for me to not weigh in. However, as a HUman, I recognize that if we are all up for our women to breastfeed in public we will have healthier babies and mothers. Therefore, mothers should be allowed to breastfeed their kids in public when and wherever they feel the need to because it's natural, they do not have to worry about stopping what they are doing, and most importantly it is biological. Breastfeeding is something natural which should be allowed anywhere and by anyone, no matter the time or place, it …show more content…

However, blankets are usually something they use to cover themselves up. Little kids can not be an excuse for them not letting mothers breastfeed in public, they might not even know what the mother is doing, so why make such a big deal saying little kids are going to be more exposed to nudity by mothers because the most they can probably see is the upper breast because the baby covers most of the breast themselves. Now, this is all biological just as animals breastfeed their offspring so do humans. It's as if you see a dog with her pups eating from her, are you going to scare her so she can move and tell her to go to another place? Obviously not, it's the same thing difference is the mammary gland of the animals are most of time hairy and is hidden which makes it less visible, but nothing changes. "And this can be seen with every species of mammal. Cats and dogs and cows and rabbits, etc. - they're not forced into hiding to feed their young. They feed their young whenever their young are hungry." Explained Discuss Much, which is exactly what mothers should do as well and take no front answer. In final consideration, mothers should be able to breastfeed their children wherever they have the need to do so because no shame should be attributed to a mother whose feeding her baby a healthy recommended way, it is actually more harmful to just hand them a bottle a formula because

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