Women During The Great Depression Essay

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During the Great Depression, life wasn’t easy. Many farmers lost their farms and during that same times, years of erosion and drought were created in the Midwest, where crops could no longer grow ( and many families lost their savings as the numerous amount of banks collapsed in the early 1930s. Because these families could to not pay for rent payments or mortgage, they were forced out of their homes or were evicted from their apartments. Unemployed and underemployed male heads of the families founded the depression to be extremely difficult, because in traditional concepts, the men were the providers of the families ( Unemployment rose from three percent to 25 percent during the depression. Those who still had jobs, their wages fell 42 percent. Famers and other unemployed workers traveled to California to find work, but many of them ended up living as homeless ( It is said in that The main role of women during …show more content…

In the 1920s the stock market soared, and the more it grew, the more people wanted to invest and put money into it. Many of the people bought on margin, which meant that the people only paid a part of a stocks worth when they would buy it and the rest when they sold it ( The United States stock market crashed because of the over production, which meant America industry was truing out more good than people could pay (Ross ). The stock market crashed quickly spread from New York to virtually all sectors of the United States economy. In eevery state, there were shops, manufacturers, farms, and other enterprises, which were both small and large, went into bankruptcy by the undreds. This caused the employes to be laid off, and the amount of employment into a much greater amount (Ross 7, 8). But this all was created because of Black Thursday which started and marked the beginning of this greatest economic crisis

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