Women During The War Period Essay

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The war period changed the life of women, children, indians, and blacks. The minorities of the country became the most dependable workers during this time. Before the war most of the workers were males. When the war broke out most of the males had to leave their jobs and go fight in the war. This meant that there were many jobs openings for those who did not have a good job or were not working in the industry they wanted to be in. Women were told it was their “patriotic duty” to step up and start working. The number of employed women increased to 19 million during the period of war (732). The jobs women were working included everything from operating heavy machinery to driving to taxis and to being nurses helping with the war effort. Women having to work changed the lifestyle of children. Before the war the women usually stayed home to help take care and provide for the children, this changed during the war. Children were left unattended to during the day since one parent was off and war and the other was off working. This led to children misbehaving and getting themselves in to trouble since they were left unsupervised during the day. …show more content…

There became more black leaders fighting for equal rights during this time as well as more blacks working. The amount of blacks employed “double to 1.2 million” during the time of war (737). Blacks also got increased wages for their efforts in the work force. This was a big deal because before the war blacks were undermined and were not treated as fairly. Many blacks also joined the military. They went off to fight for the United States and some became pilots or navy seals. Blacks were fighting for equality and they were receiving new opportunities during the

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