Women Have Shaped Canadian History

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Women have shaped Canadian History The proliferation of Canadian women’s movements, notably their redefining role in society, has had a profound propitious impact on Canada’s identity in the twentieth century. The contribution of Canadian women in the cultural life (sports, the arts and dance), the political impact from the leadership role of a female perspective (Nellie McClung) and women’s economic empowerment all contribute to the shape of Canadian history. Our current Canadian national identity has been shaped and developed by events from our past by our determination, doing the "impossible", staying dedicated and true. Also by doing what others thought we couldn 't, proving people wrong and being dedicated to our plans and outlines (Vimy Ridge). By gaining more independence, freedom, equality, rights and responsibilities . By being compassionate, sticking to your words and seeking for new rights (Pierre Trudeau). Even though there are so many past events that have shaped and developed our Canadian national identity, negative things have also done the same but in a negative way. We Canadians are proud of our accomplishments and achievements. We have shaped and developed a great Canadian national identity from the past which we are still making. We have made mistakes and we are still trying to mend those today. Overall our Canadian national identity has been shaped and developed by events in our past by achieving our recognition and milestones, the cultural life (sports,

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