Women In The Civil War

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Women Who Fought In the Civil War Submitted By: Tierahnee Balfour History 2010 Enhanced Mrs. Teresa Prober 19 October 2012 It is an accepted convention that the Civil War was a man’s fight, but to the women in that time period, it was not. Many women sacrificed their lives to fight for their family and for their country. The Civil War is symbolic in American history because it shaped society, as we know it today, “Free of slavery”. During the Civil War, women were mostly confined to the domestic sphere and were not allowed to serve in combat. Researchers have noted that women did indeed disguise themselves as men just to fight. During this time period, women felt strongly about staying in their courters…show more content…
After this incident Cushman was forced to stop her work. After the war Cushman begin to act again. She used her experiences with the war, in the plays, dressing up in her uniform used in the Union. She supported herself as a seamstress and after having an illness she became addicted to morphine and died of an overdose at age sixty.5 Before the 1900’s and The Civil War, women had limited rights. Women could not speak for themselves, vote for themselves, they never had a say so in any economic issue. Researchers could say that women have been fighting this battle before the dawn of time. According to Patricia Haynes, “because of a man being known to be dominant in the society, this brought tragedies and uproars within women.”6 When the Nineteenth Amendment was passed women got the right to vote, and they were able to voice their own opinions and their opinions mattered and counted towards society. The struggle women had for equality was a long and hard battle. Most women during that time either gave up or died believing they would never have the chance to speak in society. Researchers have noted it was not hard for women to disguise themselves as men, but it was very difficult to uphold such a role. According to Bonnie Tsui, “women had to hide out all the time just to keep private, they had to bind down their breast, cut off their hair to wear caps, and they also had to deal with rape issues to continue to fight in the war”.7 Women survived these
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