Women In The Workplace

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Discrimination against women should not exist in the workplace because behind every man's success there is a women. Women do so much and get less than half of the recognition men get. Everyday sexism should not exist because women are being silenced or dismissed because people think they are only attention seekers. Sexism in politics should not exist because there are plenty of women who are just as qualified or better to do a job than a man is. Everyday sexism is huge problem in our world today. You see it everywhere. You see it on social media,books,streets,etc. There have been many examples or quotes through time that support this. Times like when London Mayor Boris Johnson "joked" that women only go to university's because "they've got …show more content…

In the United States in 2013 Women who work full time only get 78% of what a man earned for the same amount of work. Women can be just as much as work as a man does and still get paid less just because she's a female. Males are seen as the best workers automatically even if a women is a better worker. In job interviews,women are often seen weaker and asked a lot if they are married or have children. As if she was married she would be a better employee because she would have more "discipline" at home because she would have a "owner." Which is incredibly degrading and disrespectful to have that questions be asked. And if she had children or was pregnant she would be seen weaker because she would have hormones and would be more sensitive. Which a women shouldn't be judged on whether she should get the job based on her family situations. This lowers a women's productivity in her job if she is constantly getting harassed and they aren't getting in any sort of …show more content…

U.S joint, 85th in the world for gender equality in Parliament. Women have been always seen as the weaker sex. Data from a 2006 study showed that most people no matter the gender believed that men are better in politics than women but based on what. What do they have to support that answer? Because it "seems right" or "men are just stronger." If we went by that then the women would be more qualified than half of the men who work in politics. Just because it seems right doesn't mean it is right. Believe it or not a women can be more qualified for a job than a man

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