Women Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs

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The novel Incidents in the Life of a Slave girl by Harriet Jacobs, is the story of Harriet Jacobs under the pseudonym Linda Brent. It tells the life story of Linda and her life as a slave, her battle of freeing her children, and her journey to freedom. The majority of the book is set in a North Carolina small, close knit community in the early 1800s on Dr. Flint’s plantation, Linda’s master and owner. It begins when Linda is a child. Her parents are free and the slave owner who possesses Linda and her brother will not sell their freedom. After her parents pass she is left in the hands of her grandmother known as Aunt Martha, whom is a free black woman as well. When Linda becomes a young teenager, Dr. Flint begins to pursue her, sexual harassing her restlessly. When Linda rejects his initial offer, he spends most of his time devising plans to win her over, having her in his presence always. Although Dr. Flint is her owner and can tell her what to do, according to law, he demands her acceptance and is persistent to win Linda’s affection. Linda never gives in and finds a way to evade her master every time he is around. Trying to escape the harassment and abusiveness, Linda bares two children to a white lawyer. Seeing no change after her second child, Linda decides to run away trying to free her children from living their lives in slavery. She hides in her grandmother’s storage shed crawlspace for seven years until fleeing to the north with the help of generous white

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