Women Of The World : Child Birth

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Women all of the world are going through child birth, in many different cultures and stages. Some may get treated the way they should but many of the women around the world are abused and mistreated. Hermine Hayes-Klein, Kelsey Martin and their colleagues were intrigued by the issue on how many women were treated during child birth. As well as, who were they seeking care from, whether it be from a family doctor, obstetrician, or a mid-wife. The researchers thought that if they could survey women, asking them a variety of different questions each ranging on a different severity scale. Each person would get the same questions, but worded differently. Trying to differentiate all of the seven type of domains. Which includes, physical abuse …show more content…

Having the team filled with the people from the target populations made it easier for the women to open up to them and give them honest answers. Professional members that were in the medical field that were on the team as well were able to ask them questions and give the advice they need.
In 2012, the team of researchers were funded by Vancouver Foundation which helped organize a community-led participatory action research. The team of researchers finally ended the surveying in December of 2016, having a range of answers from women all over speaking out in the survey and answering the questions honestly.

Mrs. Martin and her team of trained researchers came together to create a survey that had 14 items that measured aspects of patient provider communication. Which is how the patient feels how the provider gave their care. In the first table, they had questions where they asked, while making decisions during my pregnancy I felt (blank). You could answer those questions free response then on the next set of questions it was more of yes or no. While collecting data they came across the number of eigenvalues > 1 and screen plots when looking at the scale for determination. Once that the results came back from that, the researchers recognized that 7 additional items in the CCinBC survey measured the woman’s impressions on how she felt during

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