Women Should Get Paid Essay

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Introduction: Our topic has a lot of different arguments which were discussed in various organizations such as United Nations, the she campaign and the Indian Express association, our topic is whether housewives should get paid for doing housework.
Main Claim: We support women joining labor to support themselves and their children, and if they choose to stay as housewives, which is equivalent to the most depleting full-time job out there, still they should be paid for the effort she exerts, nevertheless, the government still never gives credit to housewives, which indicates the clear inequality.
First Reason: 62% if married women are housewives according to, and if we considered rewarding women by paying them for all the hardships
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Third Reason: According to the Indian Express association, an organization that fights for human and women rights, advocates the fact that women should get paid and that it should be socially and politically accepted, so when a woman gets divorced or widowed it won’t end her life, mainly as any woman needs to be secured financially in order to face the world now, of course money isn’t everything but we sure need it to survive.
Fourth Reason: Paying housewives not only not only will it raise their financial status but also it’s one of the most powerful reasons that will make women feel more empowered in the society which will decrease gender discrimination and stereotypes, as well as economically empowering them and conforming that yes, their effort
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