Women Who Are Incarcerated Face A Double Standard?

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Women who are incarcerated face a double standard. Society are quick to assume that a woman who has committed a crime has no remorse than a men when they have committed the same crime. They also can face a harsher punishment than men 's. In the book couldn 't keep it to myself, women speak about their crimes, and the reasoning of why they committed the crime. In my opinion I believe these women can be forgiven depending on how serious their crime is, thus, i also believe they are going to learn from their mistakes and turn it into something productive.
One of the aspects that can lead a women to commit a crime is their upbringing. Living in an inadequate neighborhood, surrounded by crime, gangs, and drugs are factors that can lead a women into crime. In the case of Tabatha Rowley her upbringing and past life, pushed her into committing assault in the first degree. In my opinion, I believe she assaulted her victim because it was a defense mechanism. tabatha was forced into this crime because she has had a previous history of domestic violence from other men and it is all she experienced all her life. She believed that if she did not react now he was going to kill her instead. while tabatha completed her sentence, she learned how to love herself again. with a special treatment after jail, i believe she can be reintegrated into society and be productive.
In the case of Brendalis Medina, I believe she can not be forgotten, due to the fact that she engaged in gang

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