Women 's Fight For Equality

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Women’s fight for equality has been fought for over a century. They have out lasted the longest of wars. The fight for equality seems like an epic battle out of a movie, as it is so drawn out. The history behind the feminist movement is rich in context. For most people when they think of the feminist movement they think of United States or Europe. But this movement is not just contained in those countries, it was a global movement that has spread like falling dominos. The Inter-American Commission of Women was one of the organization to pop up from this movement and has greatly impacted the Latin American women. The IACW was created in Havana, Cuba in 1928. “After a month of protests and active campaigning, the women were finally allowed a voice at the conference. For the first time women officially spoke at a plenary and public session of a Pan American conference. To hear the first speeches, "more that a thousand women filled the galleries, staircases, and the conference floor of the University of Havana 's great hall." Although the Treaty for Equal Rights was not ratified, the decision was taken to create the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) and to charge it with conducting a study of the legal status of women in the Americas, which would be presented to the next International Conference of American States” ( This was there was of getting their foot in the door. Latin American governments could no longer just brush the women aside so easily. The formation
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