Women 's Influence On Politics

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Women have never had a favorable position in politics. In fact, just a few decades ago, they had no place at all. Today, the number of women in political power positions is on the rise, but still not as great as it could be. Only recently, within about the last 20 years, have women in positions of power began to increase in number.
The growth of women in politics began before women even had the right to vote. They used to be involved in mostly grassroots work, stamping and sealing envelopes to help promote male politicians. The only shot they had at getting into office was most often the “widow’s route,” where women would take the place of their husbands in office if they happened to pass away. However, it was often short term and mostly uninvolved work. This eventually led to women wanting to find their own way into office, and wanting to find a way to stay there.
But this was a difficult thing to do. Women were blocked from entering office in so many ways. When women like Jeannette Rankin made initial progress into entering Congress, they were blocked by power-hungry, stubborn men who refused to take them seriously. The men even went so far as to make the only two women in Congress sit in the same seat because they were told they were only worth half of what a man was worth. Men continued to see themselves as entitled superiors, even when they were supposed to be equals.
Women began making their impact outside of the office, where it was easier to be heard and make a
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