Women 's Rights Are Human Rights

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This September is the 20th anniversary of a speech made by former US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton. In the speech, Clinton made the famous remark, “Women’s rights are human rights”. Since the speech, focus on gender equality has increased, especially in the workplace. Yet, some industries, like private equity, continue to have problem in attracting women.

Private equity firms have become increasingly aware of the need to get more women involved. But how big is the problem and are new perks the way to go?

Women in Private Equity

Preqin’s latest research in March didn’t paint a very rosy picture. The research showed that private equity industry as a whole has a woman in charge of just 11.7% of leadership positions.

In terms of different sectors within the industry, buyout firms are doing the worst. Only 10.5% of senior positions have a woman in charge, while the proportion is 14.0% in infrastructure, for example. Furthermore, in small private equity firms the situation tends to be worse. Women make only 9.7% of senior positions in firms with five or fewer such senior employees. In large firms, firms with over 20 high-level management positions, 13.9% of senior positions are held by women.

The more positive news was that the situation is changing. Venture capital firms, for example, managed to increase the share of female senior employees from just 11.2% in 2013 to 14.8% in 2015. In fact, proportion of women in senior positions has increased across sectors.


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