Women 's Rights Movement And The Demand For Women Suffrage

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The woman 's rights movement and the demand for woman suffrage emerged in the first half of the 19th century from a variety of other movements. A major goal of the woman 's rights movement was to change public opinion regarding women 's capacities and rights. Suffrage was one of several reforms intended to end the significant legal, political, religious, and cultural discriminations against nineteenth century women. Suffrage became the primary goal of the woman 's rights movement during the 1850s and remained so until women finally achieved the right to vote in 1920.During 20th century they gained the right to vote and also more occupations were opened to them. They gained equal right with men included property right, the right to work for equal pay, and the women’s suffrage. It was so difficult for women to gain suffrage because the people believed if women could vote they would end barriers at the state level that prevented married women from controlling their wages and attending state universities, they reform the corrupt practices of American politics, and they would end unequal pay. Suffragist always believed that success was imminent, and they numbered their amendment to prohibit discrimination in voting on the basis of sex the 16th amendment. But votes for women came so slowly that they followed changes legalizing an income tax, authorizing popular voting for United States senators, and establishing prohibition. Suffragists faced endless campaigns to persuade state

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