Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

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Gender Inequality Historically, women have had to fight for the right to have property, respect, and basic human rights. For centuries women have been considered inferior to men because we are not physically as strong as they are, and yet we persevere. As a woman, I would like to think we are warriors, not victims. We have come a long way but are we where we need to be? There is still radical sexism in society today. In the US women are paid less than men for the same type of employment. In the US women are considerably less likely to obtain high status jobs. The term "boys club" leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but we hear it all the time. Society has gradually let us believe women have a place, but that place is below men. We have officially had enough, and we are ready for equality. There is a movement happening. Women deserve the same human rights that men are entitled to, not just in the US, but worldwide. In the United States we are sheltered to the treatment of women in other countries experience. The media does not address this in the manner it deserves. This is unacceptable. Whether it be cultural or religious views, women are being oppressed. They are being tortured or assaulted on a daily basis. There are countries that mutilate women 's genitalia. There are countries that make women cover the majority their face. There are even countries who stone women for being unfaithful to their husbands. This does not happen to men. Considering this information, does

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