Women 's Role And The Rights Of Women

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The Victorian period was an era concerned with the role assigned to gender, from a social and political standpoint, particularly the role of women in society. From this controversy, the “Women Question.” The Women Question tackled concerns and open debates about gender inequality from a political, economical, social and educational standpoint about the role and nature of women. However, the shift in the economy challenged the role that was customary for women. The beginning of the Victorian period, which also marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution lead to a dramatic social, political and economical change that include an influx of workers into the industrial town. All these concerns surrounding women’s role and the rights of women affected Victorian literature. Texts on this topic addressed the hardship faced by women and the vision of supporting women’s power beyond the domesticity of the home.
The rise of industrialization in the nineteenth century shifted the roles of women from not just being limited to house work. The increase production of textile drawn many lower-class women into factory jobs despite the horrendous conditions. The new working environment challenged the traditional role of women being in the home and doing household activities. Many writers played a vital role in the controversy of the Woman Question, including women from the middle and poor working class who voice their experience of being a woman working under hard condition during their…

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