Women 's Role As Physicians

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In Medieval Italy there were some unique characteristics to how medicine and illness were managed in Medieval Italy. The literature expands on the topics of medical practices and the surprising fact that women were allowed to practice medicine in a time period like this. “The Women of Salerno: contribution to the Origins of Surgery from Medieval Italy” focuses on women’s role in medicine and their contributions to the advancement of the field of medicine in Medieval Italy. Women’s role as physicians “On Surgery. For Maria Incarnata,” shows that there were varying degrees of professional in Medieval times. Waley and Dean’s text gives a comprehensive look into the roles and lives of doctors and medical professionals at that time. Showing …show more content…

and Ferraris V. 1997). From the school of Salerno came many rich texts about women surgeons, which for that time was unheard of their contributions were not limited to: textbooks of anatomy, training for physicians, the first textbook about women’s medicine and the first female medical school faculty member named Trotula de Ruggiero (Ferraris Z. & Ferraris V. 1997). For this school was not something to be mocked, “physicians trained at Salerno gained considerable prestige and notoriety throughout southern Europe” (Ferraris Z. & Ferraris V. 1997). The school of Salerno was not only progressive in its gendering of the profession but also, “produced original anatomic texts, huge collections of drug remedies based largely on well-known Arabic pharmacopeia, and one the most preeminent medical school faculties of its time” (Ferraris Z. & Ferraris V. 1997).
An example of a specific case of a woman’s experience from Salerno comes from the primary source from Jansen (2009). In the text from the author Jansen, it provides an assortment of newly translated primary sources from the central and Middle Ages. It provides a rich history illustrating the diverse culture, architecture, and captures the spirit of these medieval towns. It also allows for an interesting perspective into the history, religion, literature,

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