Women 's Role For Women

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The possession of attributes or rather qualities that are traditionally associated with men is called masculinity. Men have always felt superior to women while women are referred to as the weaker sex. Boys are raised up knowing that they are the stronger gender and that there are some tasks, which they can perform well than their female counterparts. The debate about equality for both genders has dominated the media over the years, from the times of feminism (the 1980s) to post feminism (Hokowhitu). In politics, the belief about masculinity is still a major issue that has been discussed over the years. Women fight to receive equal treatment in leadership and representation at the governments’ top positions. This paper focuses on 2016…show more content…
Like, you should go maybe teach kindergarten. I think it’s respectable position… You can’t be negotiating billion-dollar deals if you can’t handle, like, you know” (Gupta). According to Monobina Gupta, Trump and his son reflect “a deeper cultural malaise” present in the country. Such discriminating talks by men have led to the rise of feminists like Phyllis Schlafly and Michelle Obama, whose aim is to fight for equality between the two genders. Trump is against the feminism culture that is slowly gaining popularity. The feeling of masculinity and the notion those women are not strong enough to handle some physically demanding jobs has been a challenge for those women who strive to compete with men in such areas of work. Michelle came up strongly against Trump’s campaign that is based on discriminating women by terming them as a weaker sex. She talked about a post feminism era where people should be talking about equality and not a fight among male and female genders. To her, Trump’s masculine chauvinism takes the country back to the 1980s when feminists rose against gender discrimination on women (Gupta). Towards the end of his commentary, Gupta still displays his doubt on women leadership. He mentions several female leaders like the British Prime Minister Teresa May whom he doubts her effectiveness

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