Roles Of Women In The West, Central Asia, And China

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The roles of women have always been changing over time, and the roles of women have never been identical in two different societies. Throughout history we have seen women be vital to societies and treated as such, women have had power and equality to men. We have seen great women successfully lead massive empires, but we have also seen women be mistreated, objectified, and treated as less than a man. An analysis of four sources shows how the role of women in the west, central Asia, and China had many differences but also many similarities. The first source this paper analyzes is Gregory of Tours, on the Conversion of Clovis to Christianity (Companion Reader, 216-220). This story is a religious driven historical narrative written by a Christian bishop in the 6th century CE about a king a century earlier. The bishop tells the story of Clovis, a king and how he converted to Christianity when his kingdom used to be against Christianity. One of Clovis’ son’s died shortly after being baptized which caused Clovis to distrust Christianity even more. Eventually Clovis converts to Christianity when he calls to God during a tough battle and ends up winning. The bishop makes it very clear that Clovis would not have converted to Christianity without his wife Clotilde. Clotilde begged Clovis to let her baptize both of her children and always attempted to convert her husband. The source says “Jesus Christ, whom Clotilde declares to be the son of the living God, who it is said givest aid

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