Women's Rights In America Research Paper

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In the American republic rights and responsibilities were the stable of keeping the society going. Men felt that women’s main responsibility was to teach their sons how to take care of property and make them good citizens. They also took care of all the house work such as laundry and making sure the children behaved themselves. It was frowned upon for women to read novels or to use their imagination and there were scarcely educational opportunities. Benjamin Rush feels women should be a complimentary partner towards men. This is accomplished by being able to write legibly, read, have knowledge of geography, be able to sing, and dance. Also, in order for their sons to be taught well women must know something about bookkeeping if something was to ever happen to their husbands. This way the eldest son could take over the property. According to Murray however, women are just as intelligent as men are and folding clothes gives women a lot of time to put thought towards many things. Murray states, “ Nay,…show more content…
This group was led by Patrick Henry and firmly believed that the states should have the power and a central government should not exist and ratified the constitution. Patrick Henry states, “Such a government is incompatible with the genius of republicanism: there will be no checks or no real balances in this government.” He felt there would be too much power to the national government and none to the localized ones.
The American republic consisted of very complex rights and responsibilities depending on your beliefs, gender, and your race. Women were taught that being a man’s companion and educating sons was more important than their own education and thus was neglected the opportunity to have one. Native American and African Americans were taught that they were inferior to white men and had to obey their commands. White men believed that they were superior above all else and had more rights than
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