Women's Rights Essay

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Women’s Right One of the most influential writers Adrienne Rich once said, “She is afraid that her own truths are not good enough.” Adrienne Rich talks about women’s role and issues in her essay called “Women and Honor: Some Notes on Lying”. She describes how women during the 1977 lied about everything. They lied about their appearance, their job, their happiness, and even about their relationship. Adrienne Rich is one of the most powerful writers, who identifies herself as lesbian feminists. Her work has been acknowledged and appreciated mainly in her poems. Throughout her decades of work as a writer-activist, Rich uses essays, speeches, and conference papers, magazine, articles book reviews, and personal reflection to articulate with…show more content…
During the 1977, Rich states in her essay that women are forced to lie in order to be able to fit in. She believes that the difficulties and the struggle that women had to face in order to please their husband and patriarchy was and is ridiculous: “Women’s honor, something altogether else: virginity chastity, fidelity to a husband. Honesty in women has not been considered important. We have been depicted as generically whimsical, deceitful, subtle, vacillating, and we have been rewarded for lying.” 413. Rich believes that women lose their honor and respect as soon as they feel threatened with losing their husband or man. She feels that women should have enough respect for themselves to be able to express how they feel truthfully and not worry about pleasing others. “I come back to the question of women’s honor. Truthfulness has not been considered important for women, as long as we have remained physically faithful to a man, or chaste.” 415. Fee Vahabzadeh Pg 3 She believes that: “Women have always lied to each other”, and “women have always whispered the truth to each other.” Stating the fact that women compete with one another and in hidden walls of truth they share their deepest secrets with one another. I agree with these statements. Even today women have so much competition with one another that they forget why in the first place they were competing. They have competition with their jobs, clothes, hair, make up, money, and husband. They lie

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