Women's Rights In The Victorian Era

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Do you ever wonder how women got their rights.
In the Victorian era woman had very little rights, they also had different right than men. The woman would often get raped or touched and by getting raped most young woman got pregnant at a young age. Woman in the Victorian era has been usually a maide, nurse or a laundress, they often did not receive the money the man of the house took it. An if the woman tried to hide it or take it, they got hit sometimes even beat. Woman barely got to do anything they were usually cleaning, cooking,watching the kids and washing laundry.If you were seen out of your house without a man, you would get put in jail. During the victorian era Queen Victoria a woman's place was at home was a motherhood were considered by society to be large and emotional for females. who was the ideal of Victorian woman? You may know her as Mrs Frances Goodby the wife of the Reverend J Goodby of to who it was said at her death that she carried out
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Numerous publications told women how to be good wives and household managers.
Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management was first published in 1861, and remained a bestseller for over 50 years. It contained advice on how to become the perfect housewife, and how to create a domestic interior that provided a welcoming haven for the man of the house. In 1890 The Christian Miscellany and Family Visitor wrote in its 'Hints for Home Life’. Middle-class women of the Victorian era did leave their homes - and not just to socialise but to visit the homes of the poor. These women used their position of privilege to export expertise in domestic affairs to those regarded as in need of advice, so they might attain the same high standards of household management. The power that middle-class women had achieved in the home was now used by them in order to gain access to another world characterized by, as they saw it, poverty, drink vice and
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