Women's Role During World War II 1939-1945

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Women’s Role During WWII 1939-1945 1. Thesis: The women during World II impacted the war effort with their roles of employment by taking different jobs, working in the home with normal household responsibilities while supporting the men oversees, and entering the military with sacrifice. 2. Point #1: When the demand for male workers for jobs were not enough, many women stepped in to the number of occupations that were opened. a. Women who had to work out of the home was the stereotype of a nurse, secretary, and teacher- any feminine occupation. This all began to slowly change during WWII as media played an immense role encouraging women’s participation in the war. This affected women’s magazine content, columns, and articles during this time, …show more content…

Their work in the home and in the community helped the war effort when they would volunteer. This enabled the government to provide day care centers and housing referrals, “finance the war through war bond sales, and holed down inflation by rationing scarced materials.” 4. Point #3: The huge recruitment of women into the military marked a new time of female participation in war. a. Even though allowing female recruits in the armed services created controversy and proved difficulty there were women of every branch of military in 1943. Since there was this controversy of “‘sacrificing their feminity by usurping men’s roles’” they made the uniforms feminine and professional by shaping them to be attractive and flattering. b. The recruitment of women in the military changed the internal makeup of the armed forces. Some numbers of women in the army is in Britain there were 470,700 women in the military, in the US military there were 350,000 women, in the Soviet military the estimates are 1 million women. c. The army and the WAC (Women’s Army Corps) depicted women’s service to the military as an “extension of their work in the home and in the war industries.” There were represented as guarding moral values, virtues, and home

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