Women's Role Of Women During The French Revolution

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Throughout much of history, women’s roles of being dutiful and respectful, quiet ladies guided them into a state of oppression and vulnerability. It was not until the Enlightenment that women began to exceed in different areas, finally beginning to be taken seriously as well as getting recognition for movements that they have been a part of. Up until then, the major role of women was to produce sons that would rise up and take financial care of a household, or daughters that would lead quiet and bashful lives once again repeating what the mother had once learned when she young. However, the fundamental roles of women during the French Revolution varied. There were many women who did not share common experiences and depending on their social class, these women’s involvements in different areas of the Revolution varied significantly.
It was a cyclical process that we see remnants of in todays society, as we see the likes of Harvey Weinstein and many others taking advantage of women in Hollywood’s spotlight. However, during the Enlightenment era, women began realizing they had rights too. Up until then, women were banned from schools and universities. The only expectation of them was to be well-dressed, polite and charming, as they were meant to represent their husband or father. The only jobs they could have were low wage and known as “women’s work”. Jobs such as maids, seamstresses and servers were all they were offered mainly because any other job required an education that

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