Women's Writing In 'Laugh Of The Medusa'

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How important of women’s writing
In the poem “the Angel in the house”, Coventry Patmore state “Man must be pleased; but him to please. Is woman's pleasure;” Here, Patmore claims women should follow the rule of the society which is that women should not express their opinion and always serve men. As is known, in the early 20th century, men were the main protagonist in society. Women did not have rights to express themselves. However, one of the second wave feminists, Helene Cixous appeared, she came out and tried to break down the restrictions of women. She showed that women’s writing was restricted. Women was afraid to write about women. In the collection of writing “Laugh of the Medusa”, Cixous uses imagery to compare men and women, and point out that women should not be afraid to write on express themselves. She is creating a new definition for women’s writing, and she believes that women overcome her gender inequality by writing themselves.
In “Laugh of the Medusa”, Cixous points out that women should write for themselves rather than men write about women. Even though there were some men who were feminist representing women and pursuing equal gender equality for women, they could not totally express women’s voice. From a biological perspective, male and female have different body construction. And men have different abilities and thinking, they could not understand women’s situation totally. In “Laugh of the Medusa”, Helene Cixous said “Women must write herself: must

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