Wonder Woman And Captain America Short Story

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Wonder Woman and Captain America were the world’s most loved superhero couple. They were known for defeating the villains while driving around in their smart car that they named OP, short for Optimus Prime. The special superhero duo thought that nothing could stop them with OP by their side. Little did Wonder Woman and Captain America know what was coming for them would change their lives forever. “Come on, we have to go!” said Wonder Woman. “Alright, alright, I’m coming.” responded Captain America. They jumped into OP and they sped off. “He’s already burned down 3 houses!” Captain America said immediately. “Then let’s get a move on!” They soon arrived to the abandoned warehouse where they had tracked down their enemy. Everybody knows him as Red Skull. But he calls himself The Venom. As Captain America and Wonder Woman walk slowly up the steps to the warehouse, they notice broken glass surrounding the door. They walk carefully around it and then bust down the door, leaving only the hinges on for anyone to see. They slowly and quietly creep around the bottom floor before deciding to split up. Wonder Woman slowly walks up the stairs while searching for The Venom. She peeks into each room without being seen, knowing that The Venom could come out any second. While searching the bathroom, she hears Captain America shout “I found him!!” She quickly runs down the old stairs being careful not to fall and runs into the kitchen. She sees The Venom leaning lightly against the
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